Whether you are starting a new business or sprucing up your existing enterprise, you will find yourself fielding requests for a headshot.

A good headshot is an essential business tool. Your business card is your primary point of contact in the real world and still is a critically important tool. For a small investment, your business card can increase your visibility and start generating trust, which leads to sales. People see who you are and are more likely to want to work with you.

In summary, an unflattering, wrongly posed or technically inferior headshot can have a negative impact against you. The subconscious questions that may come up are: Does this person take herself seriously? Is she a consummate professional? Will she give my account the attention it deserves?

Your headshot should showcase you as an accomplished yet accessible professional. Depending on your business, you may want to show a softer side, a no-nonsense attitude, good listening skills, compassion, confidence or a combination of these. And you want to look your best!

It’s important to choose a seasoned photographer, such as the best headshot photographer in Orlando, who will be proficient in lighting, composition, and posing, and who will work with you to understand the nuances of your business and the message you want to send.

Once you have made your appointment with the best headshot photographer in Orlando, there is still some preparation to do for your session! Here are a few pointers:

1. If you are having your hair cut, do so several days before the shoot so it will have time to settle down.
2. If you wear a suit, be sure the jacket or blouse fits well. This is critical! The camera blatantly shows if seams are straining, or if your shoulders are swimming in extra material. Choose a solid color that is somewhat darker than your natural skin tone. Tweeds or patterns are distracting and may cause a moiré pattern in a digital file. Come to the session with your clothes clean and pressed.
3. Consider booking a few sessions with the best headshot photographer in Orlando prior to your photo session. You can get great advice that can have a positive impact on the photo session and your general appearance.
4. Have your makeup professionally done for the shoot, or wear a little more makeup than you normally would. Photographic lighting can wash out your features.
5. During the shoot, imagine you are greeting a favorite client as he or she walks through the door. This exercise keeps you from worrying about how you look and brings out your warmth and accessibility.Your headshot is part of your brand. Be sure it is sending a message compatible with your professionalism.

Business headshots captured through the lens of an experienced photographer will entice any potential client.

Again, people make judgments regarding whether or not a professional can be trusted based upon a headshot.

Not all photographers can take every person’s best headshot photo. Those that can succeed in capturing an individual’s real character through a picture have their own unique way of taking photos.

Choosing the right photographer is the first most important step towards achieving your goal of having the perfect headshot. Throughout your long and successful business career, you’ll need headshots more than once, so establishing a solid, trusting, long-term relationship with the best headshot photographer in Orlando will be an absolute bonus.

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